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How to convert VOB to WMV with Full DVD Ripper?

Full DVD Ripper converts your movies, games, videos, etc. in VOB to WMV movies, games, and videos easily. With this smart VOB to WMV converter, you will never have to worry about converting video formats among portable devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Xbox, BlackBerry, Mobile 3GP, Apple TV etc. Besides, Full DVD Ripper offers you both default settings and customized settings for adjusting your videos to a better visual effect. When you have a portable player, this powerful video converter would be your helpful assistant!

What is VOB?

VOB is the extension of the files contained in DVD-Video media. It is based on MPEG-2 format and mainly used to store all the audio and video data in MPEG-2 format. The datum includes the movie itself, the frame for menu and push buttons, and several picture streams of the subtitle’s branches as well.
If the VOB file extension is changed from .vob to an MPEG-2 type file extension such as .mpg or .mpeg, the file is still readable and maintains to keep all the information, although most MPEG-2-capable players don’t support subtitle tracks.

What is WMV?

WMV, the Windows Media Video codec (.wmv) is a subset of Microsoft’s Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format. WMV is fit for network brocast and transmission, because on even ground of the video quality, WMV has smaller volume. Through standardization from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), WMV 9 has gained adoption for physical-delivery formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

With Full DVD Ripper, you will be able to convert your VOB files into WMV files in just a few clicks! Follow these easy steps below, and you can be a real conversion expert!

Firstly, download and install Full DVD Ripper, open the main windows, and then….

convert VOB to WMV with Full DVD Ripper

Step 1. Add video files. Click “Add Files” to browse your files, and select the VOB files you want to convert to WMV. Since Full DVD Ripper supports batch video conversion, more than one file can be converted at one time.

Step 2. Select “WMV” from the table. The icon will turn to blue as you click.

Step 3. Set the output file location. Click the browse button to choose the output location for the converted files.

Step 4. Start conversion. After all settings are ready, click “Convert Now” button to start converting.

concersion finished

Then, after conversion finished, click “OK” on the dialog box. The output folder will pop-up automatically. Now you can transfer the output files to your favorite devices and enjoy them freely.

Tips: You can customize output setting in the Convert Options on the right side of the screen (as what shows below), but if you are not familiar with these options, leave it default or email us to get technical support.

convert options

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