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In this session, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions users have asked the Full DVD Ripper support team in the past. If you do not find the information you need, please contact Customer Service and we will get back to you shortly.

Sales FAQ

  • Q1: Why Full DVD Ripper should be registered?
  • Q2: How many licenses do I need?
  • Q3: Is it safe to make an online order with you?
  • Q4: What's your refund policy?
  • Q5: How much does Full DVD Ripper cost?
  • Q6: How to purchase the registration key?
  • Q7: What can I do if I order Full DVD Ripper twice?
  • Q8: What can I do if I want to extend the license period, e.g. from 1 year license to 3 year license?
  • Q9: What can I do if I order a wrong license, e.g. I want to order a 1 year license but what I purchase was a 3 years license?
  • Q10: How can I get the Serial Number again if I lose it?
  • Q11: I tried to register but the serial number given in your email is said to be invalid. What's the matter?
  • Q12: How can I order Final Uninstaller if I don't have a credit card or PayPal accounts?
  • Q13: Can I purchase a CD of Final Uninstaller? How much is it?

Affiliate FAQ

  • Q1: How do I become an affiliate?
  • Q2: Who is ClickBank and why is Full DVD Ripper using their service?
  • Q3: If I have multiple websites, do I need to create multiple affiliate accounts?
  • Q4: Do I have to have a website to be an affiliate?
  • Q5: Can I purchase products through my own hoplink?
  • Q6: Can I use Full DVD Ripper’ content on my site?
  • Q7: What if I already know HTML and need some advanced help linking?
  • Q8: Can Full DVD Ripper cheat affiliates by "undoing" the commission on a sale, or by pretending that a sale was returned?
  • Q9: Do you provide return days, meaning if someone doesn't purchase on the first visit?
  • Q10: How do product returns affect my commissions?

Technical FAQ

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